Sep 15 – 17, 2021
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Zoom access

The Zoom link to the public talk (and opening) is given in the panel "Public talk by prof. German Rodrigo" (column on left).

For regular talks, another link will be given to registered participants (by email).

During the public talk, a "Raise hand" button will be available and a chairman/technical assistant can unmute persons for a discussion. The chat will be also active.

During regular sessions in addition the video (cameras) can be used (we encourage you to use this option and switch on a camera during discussions). Please join using your full name.

Conveners of sessions:  

Wednesday outreach talk (2-3 pm): Sven-Olaf Moch
Wednesday I (3-4 pm):  Henryk Czyz
Wednesday II (4.30-6.30 pm): Stanislaw Jadach

Thursday I (11 am-1 pm): Malgorzata Worek
Thursday II (2-4 pm):  Sven Moch
Thursday IIII (4.30-6.30 pm): Mikołaj Misiak

Friday I (11 am-1 pm): Zoltan Trocsanyi
Friday II (2-4 pm):  Michal Praszalowicz
Friday IIII (4.30-6.30 pm): Bohdan Grządkowski