Oct 21 – 23, 2022
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Katowice sightseeing

Katowice is quite a young city, first time it was mentioned in 1595. The city charter was signed in 1895. Nowadays the city is one of the most significant scientific and cultural centre . That is the 10th city in Poland considering the population. Katowice is widely connoted with industry, but last years brought many changes and the city won the Beautiful Space award in competition "The best changes of public space - review of the award-winning projects on the 25th anniversary of system transformation".

Symbols of Katowice:
Coat of arms - a drop forge with a cogwheel on the gold background. A timber refers to historic hammer in former forge from the 14th century in Bogucice (a district of Katowice at present). The blue area symbolise Rawa, the main river in the city.
Flag of the city - two horizontal stripes (upper one is yellow and lower is blue) with the coat of arms in the centre.
Tourist attractions:
  1. Two historic districts:
    • Nikiszowiec
    • Giszowiec (TRAIL 1 - Plac pod Lipami (Square under the Linden Trees), Karczma Śląska (Silesian Tavern), Izba Śląska (regional room of tradition), Cukiernia (cake shop), Ośrodek Rehabilitacyjno-Wychowawczy (pedagogic and remedial facility, the first in Poland), Przedszkole (nursery school - former forest inspectorate), Sklepy (shops), Stara szkoła (The Old School); TRAIL 2 - Stare domki (The old houses), Fryzjer (The Hairdresser's, exhibition of paintings by Ewald Gawlik), Szkoła marzeń (Dream school), St. Barbara church, Water tower, Resort Babara-Janina at the pond Janina, Coal mine "Staszic")
  2. Memorials and monuments  - refer to the history of the city
    • Silesian Insurgents' Monument,
    • Parachute Tower,
    • Monument Scouts of September
    • ...
  3. Other trails
    • Szlak 25-lecia PTTK - 25 years of of Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society Trail
    • Szlak Historii Górnictwa Górnośląskiego - Trail of History of Upper-Silesian Mining
    • Szlak Bohaterów Wieży Spadochronowej - Trail of Parachute Tower Heroes
    • Szlak im. Mariana Kantorego-Mirskiego - Trail in memorial of Marian Kantor-Mirski
    • Szlak Hołdunowski - Hołdunów Trail
    • Szlak Wesołej Fali - Trail of Wesoła Fala
    • Szlak Doliny Murckowskiej - Trail of the Murckowska valley
    • Szlak Parkowy - Trail of parks 
  4. Also
    • Silesian Museum (27zł - both exhibitions)
      • Korfantego Ave. (6zł) - War Industry in Silesia in the 19th and 20th century + Kaiserpanorama (19th century in 3D)
      • Dobrowolskiego 10 St. (24zł) - Gallery of Polish Art 1800-1945 + Gallery of Polish Art after-1945 + Gallery of Non-professional Art + Laboratory of Space - the Past in the Present + The Light of History. Upper Silesia over the Ages
    • The Silesian Philharmonic
    • Spodek (The Saucer)
    • Silesian Theatre dedicated to Stanisław Wyspiański
    • Goldstein Palace
Two historic districts
Memorials and monuments
Other trails